About Us

Martha’s Place is a Maryland state-certified recovery program for women overcoming substance abuse and homelessness. Martha’s Place borders Baltimore’s communities of Sandtown-Winchester and Upton and offers long-term Single Room Occupancy (SRO) housing.

Martha’s Place provides a structured recovery program to help clients maintain sobriety and develop life-skills vital for independent living. While national recovery rates from drug addiction are commonly listed at a 30% success rate, Martha’s Place has operated its long-term SRO program with a successful recovery rate of 75% since opening in 2005.

Martha’s Place also successfully operated a six-month transitional phase with a successful recovery rate of over 40% from 2000-2017.

Martha’s Place is a program of the 501(c)3 nonprofit  (formerly Newborn Holistic Ministries) which was founded in 1996 by life-long community resident Elder C.W. Harris, Todd Marcus, and Amelia F. Harris. Intersection of Change follows a mission to provide programs that enrich the economic, social and spiritual lives of those dealing with poverty related issues in the Sandtown-Winchester and surrounding communities.  In 2000, Intersection of Change began to address the overwhelming epidemic of drug abuse in our communities and created Martha’s Place in direct response to the unmet need for long-term recovery services for women.